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  • June

    Extraordinary Men of Character

    The 2017 Alumni Recognition Award Recipients
    (published in Past & Present, Summer 2017)

    The Alumni Recognition Awards shine a spotlight on Men of Character who deserve special recognition for their exceptional achievements. The awards were revamped in 2016 to ensure that alumni are celebrated for their impressive contributions to their professions and communities. Here are the inaugural recipients of the new awards, who were announced in May 2017.
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  • March

    Entrepreneurs Chart Their Own Course

    A closer look at some entrepreneurial Men of Character
    (Published in Past & Present, Fall 2016)

    Crescent alumni can be found working at leading firms around the world. However, many have chosen to chart their own course as entrepreneurs. Here are five Men of Character who are applying the lessons they learned at Crescent to the businesses they founded.
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  • February

    David Thom

    David Thom '92

    David Thom ’92, was Crescent School’s 2014 Alumnus of the Year.
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  • Jeremy Millard

    Jeremy Millard '95

    Jeremy Millard '95 is Legal Director for Uber Canada.
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  • John Fust

    John Fust '89

    John Fust '89 coached the 2015 Under-20 Swiss National Hockey Team.
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  • Thomas Symons

    Thomas Symons '39

    Thomas Symons '39 has received many honours for influence in academics and public policy.
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  • Jamie Coulter ’87, P’21

    Jamie Coulter ’87, P’21, Chair of the Alumni Executive.
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  • January

    Making Meaningful Gifts to Crescent

    By Alumni, For Alumni puts Crescent within reach of more Boys of Promise
    (Published in Past & Present, Summer 2016)

    A new tradition is emerging among Crescent Grads. Since 2014, as its Class Leaving Gift to Crescent, each graduating class has chosen to raise money for student financial aid. This cause has also become the first choice for alumni who are commemorating significant reunion years.
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