Fast Facts

  • Student Financial assistance (SFA) is available to students in Grades 7-12 
  • In 2023-2024, FA students comprise 6% of the student population but 24% of student leadership (Prefects and House Captains)
  • Two of the past five Head Boys have been FA recipients
  • In the 2023-2024 school year, Crescent provided $1.3M in SFA to 48 students.
  • By 2030, we plan to grow our SFA program to 60 recipients
  • Crescent has three main sources of SFA funding: Parent Annual Giving, Endowed Donations including Alumni Class Funds and Expendable Major Gifts 
  • Crescent uses a third-party organization called FAST Aid to determine who qualifies for and the level of support 
Giving Back

Student Financial Assistance

    • Middle School students walking
Almost $1.2 million in financial assistance is available each year to ensure that deserving boys can benefit from a Crescent School education.
Headmaster Michael Fellin and the Board of Governors are passionate advocates of Crescent School's needs-based financial assistance program. It allows exceptional boys across the Greater Toronto Area to benefit from a Crescent education, regardless of their family's financial circumstances.

Student financial assistance is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Crescent community.

Why Fund Student Financial Assistance at Crescent School?

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  • Placing our boys amongst the best of the best

    Having outstanding boys in our classrooms, art studios, theatre, science and robotics labs and on our playing fields elevates the performance – academic and otherwise – of every student on our campus. Our leaders can come from anywhere, and they are the role models that other boys strive to emulate and who raise the collective bar for achievement.
  • It broadens the range of experiential learning

    Our boys will benefit by learning alongside students who bring different perspectives and viewpoints. Our students need to learn from and socialize with peers from a wide range of personal circumstances. This will be their reality when they graduate to university and the world of work. It is important to expose them to these interactions during their formative years at Crescent.
  • Sharing the privilege in support of our core values

    Our core values go beyond words written on paper. A Crescent education is a gift and a privilege, and if our means allow, it is our responsibility to share this gift with others. It is a tangible way to live Crescent’s values and teach our children accordingly.
  • Sustaining the legacy

    As tuition increases over time, a shrinking percentage of GTA families will be able to afford full tuition. To ensure that a Crescent education stays within reach, we must be able to support families in need of partial financial aid. This may include families of our alumni.

Partner Organizations

Crescent partners with a number of community organizations who help identify boys of extraordinary promise. These organizations include:

Crescent School's Endowment Fund

Crescent School has an $25million endowment fund. These investable assets fund the school’s charitable efforts, primarily student financial assistance. The fund is structured to keep the principal amount intact while using the investment income for this purpose. Today, the fund disburses aproximately $1.2M annually, providing financial assistance to 6% of our student population. 

Assuming a 4% return, $1 million in the endowment generates $40,000 in expendable assistance each year, or the equivalent of one full-tuition plus supplemental fees per year.

Alumni Support

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Class Funds and Reunion Giving

    Class reunions are a common reason to fundraise. Every five years, classes undertake a special reunion giving challenge to raise funds that put a Crescent education within reach of more deserving boys. 

    Alumni Class Giving initiatives have contributed $2.3M in financial aid, which means two students have access to FA due to the collective fundraising efforts of our alumni community. Our goal is to get to $3 million through the reunion giving program and other class giving initiatives. 
  • Crescent Experience Fund

    A giving catalogue that allows alumni to donate towards specific Crescent Experience Fund packages or items. Donations to the Crescent Experience fund are spent immediately to assist boys on financial aid with the “extras” that are vital to the full Crescent educational experience.

    Read more about the Crescent Experience Fund.
  • Fraser Gooderham ‘06 Scholarship Fund

    Fraser passed away in September ‘20 at age 32 after a short, very courageous battle with cancer. In his memory, his classmates have established this fund to help support tuition for a Robotics and/or STEM-minded student whose family might not otherwise be able to afford it.