Extraordinary Men of Character

The 2016 Alumni Recognition Award Recipients
(published in Past & Present, Summer 2017)

The Alumni Recognition Awards shine a spotlight on Men of Character who deserve special recognition for their exceptional achievements. The awards were revamped in 2016 to ensure that alumni are celebrated for their impressive contributions to their professions and communities. Here are the inaugural recipients of the new awards, who were announced in May 2017.
Alumni Excellence Award
The Alumni Excellence Award, previously known as the Alumnus of the Year Award, honours alumni who have distinguished themselves in their professional careers, personal endeavours and community service. The recipients are Men of Character who embody Crescent’s core values of respect, responsibility, honesty and compassion.

The 2016 Alumni Excellence Award goes to Peter Aceto '87, P'21, '23

About Peter Aceto:
A globally recognized and respected business leader, Peter Aceto ’87, P’21, ’23 was CEO of Tangerine Bank from 2008 to 2017. He was honoured as the 2012 Business Person of the Year by Western Law School and he received the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal. In 2015 he published Weology: How Everyone Wins When We Comes Before Me, about his “people-first leadership” strategies. He is a keen supporter of Crescent’s Alumni Internship Program.

How Crescent Influenced His Life
“When I look back on my Crescent days, one thing stands out for me: the people! My memories of the wonderful moments and the tough moments all come back to the people who were part of those moments. Some of my teachers and coaches had a huge impact on my Crescent journey, and of course I made many deep friendships. All in all, because of these people, I left Crescent feeling strong and confident, which has had a tremendous impact on who I am today.”

Young Alumni Excellence Awards
Recognizing that some alumni distinguish themselves early in their careers, the new Young Alumni Excellence Award is for alumni who graduated from Crescent in the previous 15 years.

The 2016 Young Alumni Excellence Awards go to Jay Shah ’06, Dan Moor ’08 and Marko Popovic ’12

About Jay Shah
Jay Shah '06 is a graduate of Velocity, an entrepreneurship program and start-up incubator at the University of Waterloo. He is also a co-founder of BufferBox, which Google acquired in 2012. He worked at Google until 2016, when he took on the role of director of Velocity.

How Crescent Influenced His Life
“My most memorable experiences at Crescent were around the extra-circulars I was involved in; the robotics team being the biggest stand-out by far. Having the opportunity, flexibility and resources to use technology to build, make and create shaped the next decade of my life. Those moments were the seeds of resilience, grit, persistence and scrappiness that I had the good fortune of growing further after Crescent and are ultimately a huge part of my post-Crescent journey; I look back on that experience and see an incredibly valuable life springboard.”

About About Dan Moor
Dan Moor '08 was a member and captain of the Queen’s University varsity rugby team and the Ontario University Athletics championship team, while studying finance at Queen’s Smith School of Studies. Since Summer 2016, he has been playing full-time with Canada’s National Rugby Team. Soon he will be heading to Oxford University for his MBA.

How Crescent Influenced His Life
“When I look back at my time at Crescent, the experiences I most cherish were outside of the classroom in the form of sports or one of the other incredible opportunities you are exposed to at a young age, such as going on an outreach trip to Madagascar in Grade 11. I believe this showed me the value gained from those types of commitments and encouraged me to take those opportunities at university and now in post-graduation life. There were some amazing teachers who truly inspired me in the classroom and impacted my character for the better over my time at school. And I met some incredible people at Crescent, who I am still close with today. I am very grateful for those relationships.”

About Marko Popovic ’12
Marko Popovic '12 is a second-year medical student at the University of Toronto and a Research Assistant in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Sunnybrook Hospital. He also serves as the VP Internal Affairs at the University of Toronto Medical Society and mentors younger alumni who are interested in medicine.

How Crescent Influenced His Life
“My Crescent experience broadened my perspective and allowed me to explore the arts, sports, community service and research. An important example was the Model United Nations club, under Ms. Irina Efimov’s direction. I learned the art of debate and how to use sensitive, respectful communication with others who had differing viewpoints. I applied these lessons to Model UN conferences across Canada. This showed me how to balance intricate policymaking with interpersonal connection. Seven years later, I continue to refine these same skills in communication, collaboration and advocacy. And I give back to the Model UN community: as the Chief of Operations of the Ontario Model World Health Organization, I aim to inspire the next generation of leaders in international relations and diplomacy.”

Alumni Community Leadership Award
The new Alumni Community Leadership Award honours alumni who have demonstrated tremendous volunteer service to Crescent School.

The 2016 Alumni Community Leadership Award goes to Jay Mansoor ’92

About Jay Mansoor
Jay Mansour '92 has shown extraordinary commitment to serving Crescent’s alumni community. A member of the Alumni Executive since 2011, he worked with Crescent’s Advancement office to create the Alumni Internship Program (AIP) in 2012. Since then, it has grown steadily into one of Crescent’s signature alumni programs. As of Summer 2016, 53 young alumni had been placed into summer positions through the AIP, and nine of those positions became full-time jobs.

How Crescent Influenced His Life
“One of my poignant memories of Crescent was the leadership of former Headmaster Mr. Tansey. When I was in Grade 7, Crescent embarked on its first major fundraising campaign. They had an audacious goal of, I believe, $5 million and they had a “thermometer,” drawn in marker, outside the staff room door to record their performance. I thought they were crazy and that this goal was unattainable. Seeing Mr. Tansey run around the school, always with a smile, nodding to every kid he passed, while the thermometer level kept increasing until he reached his goal, taught me a strong lesson in leadership.”

Congratulations to all our Alumni Recognition Award recipients.