Jeremy Millard '95

Jeremy Millard '95 is Legal Director for Uber Canada.
In 2015, Crescent alumnus Jeremy Millard '95 was looking for a new challenge. A job opening caught his eye, and he made the move to become Legal Director for Uber Canada.

“I was a huge fan of Uber before joining the company,” says Millard. “I was in the right place, at the right time, with the right skill set for the role. It’s tremendously exciting to have a hand in developing the law of a new industry.”

As an innovative service that is disrupting the licensed taxi industry, Uber is facing regulatory challenges in municipalities across Canada. Millard has described the situation as “controlled chaos.” It makes his job as the sole legal advisor for Uber in Canada very interesting indeed.

Millard says his education at Crescent School prepared him with the ability to be adaptive and adventurous – traits that are essential to his new role.
“What I think about Crescent when I think back is this: we weren’t stuffy. For a uniform-wearing private school, we were always given room wide enough to create and explore.”

He says his Crescent years formed the foundation for his future career. Holding degrees from Yale, Oxford and the University of Toronto Law School, he had been working as a commercial and civil litigator for nearly 10 years before taking the position at Uber.

“My academic path after Crescent was definitely a product of Crescent itself,” says Millard. “I was at Crescent when I first fell in love with politics. So after Crescent, I went to schools to study the three pillars on which our political system is built: British parliamentarianism, American federalism, and Canada’s homegrown constitutionalism.”

Student financial aid (SFA) “made all the difference” in his Crescent education, says Millard.

“I couldn’t have stayed at Crescent without the SFA I received in every one of my eight years here, period. It’s impossible for me to know now what my life would be like if I hadn’t spent my formative years at Crescent.”