Making Meaningful Gifts to Crescent

By Alumni, For Alumni puts Crescent within reach of more Boys of Promise
(Published in Past & Present, Summer 2016)

A new tradition is emerging among Crescent Grads. Since 2014, as its Class Leaving Gift to Crescent, each graduating class has chosen to raise money for student financial aid. This cause has also become the first choice for alumni who are commemorating significant reunion years.
Grad and reunion gifts supporting student financial aid fall under Crescent’s By Alumni, For Alumni program. It launched in response to the 2013 alumni survey, which revealed a strong desire among alumni to put the Crescent experience within reach of deserving boys who could not afford it otherwise. Recognizing that financial constraints can hinder alumni from considering Crescent for their own sons, By Alumni, For Alumni is designed to provide needs-based financial aid with a preference for sons of alumni.

For its gift, the Class of 2014 raised $62,000, creating the first endowed bursary fund for the By Alumni, For Alumni program. Last year, the Class of 2015 raised over $45,000 before they graduated, and the bursary fund they established continues to grow. Following the tradition, the Class of 2016 has created a bursary fund named in honour of retiring deputy headmaster Colin Lowndes.

Other classes set high goals for their reunions. The Class of 1987 established a class fund for its 15th anniversary reunion, and it grew with donations to more than $463,000 by 2012. For its 30th anniversary, the Class of 1985 raised $85,000 for student financial aid. The Class of 1992 has set a $92,000 fundraising goal for its 25th anniversary reunion in May 2017.

For many alumni, supporting financial aid to help future students is a meaningful way to give back to Crescent.

“Although we have graduated, our connection to Crescent does not have to end,” said Cole Halbert ’14. “Through this bursary fund we will preserve the spirit as well as the unity of our great class and continue to make a difference for our School.”